You’re not “just lucky”. It’s time to own your success.


Co-founder Empress Global

We’ve seen it happen again and again: we’ll be at an event, out at a party, or even just passing the time over a coffee with a truly extraordinary woman. Her business isn’t just successful, it’s off-the-charts amazing. She’s powerful, people respect her, and with all her incredible achievements, you would think that confidence would roll off her in waves. But the minute one of her achievements actually comes up, or someone tries to pay her a compliment, the response is always the same:

“Oh that? It was nothing, really.”

We’ve heard that response nearly word for word to everything from hitting 8 figures to working on 7 continents, and every time it comes down to the same thing: impostor syndrome.

Now impostor syndrome has become a bit of a buzzword lately in the business world. There are loads of articles about what it is and how to get beat it, and it’s fairly easy to get your head around: it’s that feeling that whatever success you’re having, it’s not because of your hard work, talent, or dedication. Instead it’s because you got lucky, or you’ve been able to fool people so far, or that you don’t deserve the success you’re experiencing. And the fear is that you’re going to get found out…

It’s easy to understand, because let’s be honest, we’ve all been there. But it’s much, much harder to get shot of.

Why? Because it’s constantly changing and adapting itself to your new levels of success. It’s bespoke in the worst possible way, and sneaky as hell — you start out by, say, getting that sponsor you’ve been trying to land for ages, only to have it crop up in your ear saying, “You just got lucky with the timing.” Or maybe your product goes crazy, taking over markets left right and centre, only for you to think “It could have happened to anyone.”

“It’s just a fluke…”, “It’s nothing, really”, “Anyone could have done it…” As women, we’ve been socialised to respond to recognition in this way.

Which, when combined with the feminine tendency to “tend and befriend”, creates the perfect conditions for impostor syndrome to grow, even in the most successful of women. You see, the outside successes don’t matter when it comes to impostor syndrome. And in a weird way, they can kind of feed it. After all, if you feel like you don’t deserve the recognition you’re getting, then you get some more, it just compounds the feeling that you’re going to be caught out.

One big difference between a garden variety high achiever and an Empress member? Empresses own their success.

This doesn’t mean that we’re all super confident all the time, or that we never feel like we’re stepping into shoes that are too big for us, on the verge of being found out as a fraud. Everyone feels that way at some time or another. But it does mean that we refuse to let impostor syndrome get the better of any of us. And we do that not as an individual struggle, but as a group effort.

One of the things we love most about Empress is that it’s designed not only to get high performing women supporting each other in the traditional, “We’re all in this together” sense of the word. It’s also built on the fundamental understanding that the women in this group are constantly pushing each other to live and work in the highest, best versions of themselves — even when the woman might not be able to see that version yet in themselves, her fellow Empresses know she’s there, and aren’t going to stop until she comes out to play.

So if you’ve been letting impostor syndrome get the better of you lately (and you’re tired of how it’s keeping you small), let’s shift that, shall we?

You need your support group, your cheerleaders, the people who see you in all your power and amazingness and who reflect that back to you. People who will constantly challenge you to play a bigger game and to be your best self.

Maybe Empress is the group for you. Maybe it’s not. But there will be a group of women out there who will help you to overcome imposter syndrome, change your mindset and make business and life so much easier for you.

If you think that group of ladies might be Empress, then click here to get the Empress brochure and see how being part of our exclusive, hand-picked group of wildly successful women can take you and your business to the next level.

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