The Secret to Scaling Up Without Burning Out

Marianne Page

Empress Member

There are few things more exciting than being in a position to really scale up your business — taking that leap to the next level is one of the high points of doing business! Unfortunately, for many people, that high point is followed by an extreme low point: burnout.

You see, many of us make a fatal assumption when it comes to scaling up. We think that since hard work has been a key player in getting us to this point, working even harder is the key to making it to the next level. And so we work ourselves into the ground, and then wonder why we never quite make it to that next level, or worse, do make it to that next level and are too burnt out to enjoy or sustain it!

It turns out that they key to scaling up without burning out isn’t hard work, luck, or even connections … it’s systems.

We recently had one of our members, systems expert extraordinaire Marianne Page share her wealth of experience with us in an exclusive Empress training. Now Marianne is the go-to woman for systematising your business, whether you’re looking to scale or sell. She’s used her nearly three decades of senior management experience with perhaps the most systematic business on the planet, McDonald’s, to help over 14,000 managers develop their skills and their businesses, and now we’re lucky enough to have her sharing her insights with us.

Here’s what Marianne had to share with us about systematising your business for next-level success:

While you can go into great depths with systematising your business, ultimately, a great system is built in four pillars: planning, process, people and performance.

Planning: If you’re not sure where you’re going, how will you know when you get there? You have to start out by getting extremely clear on your vision and values, your specific goals for each quarter of the year, and your personal management system (i.e., how you manage yourself so you’re constantly working at your best) before you do anything else.

Process: When you’re scaling up, you need to be stepping back from what Marianne calls £10 and £100 an hour jobs — you know, those things that you would typically hire someone at those price points to do — and focus on the £1000 jobs. The way you make this happen is by getting extremely clear on your processes. This includes both the process your customers go through with you (your customer journey) and your operating processes.

People: No business can exist, much less scale, without great people, so pay extra attention to this pillar. Start by thinking about your hiring: would you hire the same people you have again? How is everyone fitting into your team? Is there someone who needs to go for the rest of the team to perform optimally? Of course, you have a lot to do with how your team is performing, so don’t forget about your training processes, including the initial training you give people and the way you’re giving feedback. If it’s been a bit piecemeal up until now, it’s time to get that systematised.

Performance: People often shy away from really looking at their performance, especially when things are going well. After all, why fix what’s not broken? But you should be paying close attention to all aspects of your performance at all times, including the way your people are performing, the way the business is performing, and how you can continually improve. While the exact elements of performance you’ll be tracking will vary depending on your business, do take the time to figure out what the most useful metrics for your business are — looking back at your initial goals will help you figure this out — and then track them.

With these four foundations, you’ll be well placed to create the systems that support that next big leap and help you capitalise on its success, rather than being too burnt out to make the most of it.

So our challenge to you now is to take action on at least one of the pillars. Not sure where to start? You should probably revisit your vision and values. It might seem like a return to basics, but as the saying goes, if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten — and we know that you’re not looking for more of the same. It’s your time to take the leap.

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